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STIs? No thanks!

Reduce your risk for certain STIs significantly
Significant risk reduction after condomless sex
For gay men & trans women
Researched by leading experts and sexual health clinics
Plan D with Every Health

Certain medications can help reduce your risk for bacterial STIs

Significant risk reduction after condomless sex
For gay men & trans women
Researched by leading sexual health clinics

What is it?

What is STI risk reduction with medication?
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Supported by leading clinical research

Clinical studies as well as real-world data show the efficacy of medication-based STI risk reduction. The incidence of bacterial STIs, such as chlamydia and syphillis, has been shown to decrease significantly in individuals who leverage medication-based STI prevention.[1]
Chlamydia[1]:🔽 67%
Syphillis[1]:🔽 78%
[1] San Francisco Sexual Health Clinic; Scott H et al, CROI 2024
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Disclaimer: Please note that this information is for general informational purposes only and not a substitute for professional medical advice. Each individual's health situation is unique. Always use medication under medical supervision, following the prescribed instructions for optimal results and minimal side effects.

Our partner pharmacy is Leibniz Apotheke in Hannover (Georgstraße 46, 30159 Hannover). In case of questions regarding pharmaceuticals, please contact our partner pharmacy or a pharmacy of your choice.

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